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This is my first tab, let me know if there are any mistakes, but either way i commend 
on wanting to know this song.

Intro: G C G D G (listen for struming pattern)

G                                                                         C              
When your a sheep in wolf's clothing, you have big, important friends, who with a 
in their
                                 D                      G                                
                            C                        G
eyes say they'll be with you 'til the end. They invite you out to ice cream, they insist 
eat your fill,
    C                                                     D
then they smile at each other and they stick you with the bill. They giggle extra hard 
you max
 out your credit card ...

G                                                                                C       
When your a sheep in wolf's clothing, you're watched over by your friends, they hook you 
with an
                         D                          G                                    
apartment in a big, barbed-wire pen, and they come and pinch your cheeks with such fatherly
              G                                                        D                 
              G   C
 affection, and they tap into your e-mail solely for your own protection. If they 
votes from
                                        D                              G
 black sheep, would they still win their elections?

G                                                       C                                G
And you live a life of privelege in the shadow of your friends, who've secured the 
                D                       G                                                
             C                       G
with their business acumen, so you graze on the grasses and you're spard from ever 
         G  C
 from knowing why your friends are always snickering and winking. You're fed shock and 
  D                                        G
 you swallow without thinking ...

G                                                             C                          
Then one day, with dismay, your friends say you've been attacked, but you can buy a 
                        D                           G                                    
                             C             G
 safety with the shirt right off your back and your sacrifice revels, you patriotic sons 
 were once sheep in wolf's clothing now you're lambs at the slaughter.
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