• Song:

    Senor Tales Of Yankee Power

  • Artist:

    Dierks Bentley

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Recorded by Dierks Bentley

Se-(Em)nor, se-(Bm)nor, can you (C)tell me where we're (G)headin'
Lincoln County Road or Arma-(Em)geddon
(D)Seems like I been down this way be-(C)fore
(Am) Is there any truth in that, se-(Em)nor

Se-(Em)nor, se-(B)nor, do you (C)know where she's (G)hidin'
How long are we gonna be (Em)ridin'
How long (D)must I keep my eyes glued to the (C)door
Will (Am) there be any comfort there, se-(Em)nor

Inst.: | (Em) | (Em) | (B) | (B) | (C) | (G) | (G) (F#m) | (Em) | (Em) |
| (D) | (D) | (C) | (C) | (Am) | (Am) | (Em) | (Em)

There's a (G)wicked wind still blowing on that (Bm)upper deck
And there's an (C)iron cross still hanging from a-(Em)round her neck
There's a (G)marching band still playing in that (Bm)vacant lot
Where's she (C)held me in her arms one time and (Em)said, "Forget me not

Se-(Em)nor, se-(B)nor, I can (C)see that painted (G)wagon
Smell the tail of the (Em) dragon
I can't (D)stand the suspense here any-(C)more
Can you (Am) tell me who to contact here, se-(Em)nor

Inst. 2 | (Em) | (Em) | (B) | (B) | (C) | (G) | (G) (F#m) | (Em) | (Em)
| (D) | (D) | (C) | (C) (Bm) | (Am) | (G) (F#m) | (Em) | (Em) |
| (Em) | (Em) | (B) | (B) | (C ) | (G) | (G) (F#m) | (Em) | (Em)
| (D) | (D) | (C) | (C) (Bm) | (Am) | (G) (F#m) | (Em) | (Em)

Well, the (G)last thing I remember before I (Bm)stripped and kneeled
Was that (C)trainload of fools bogged down in a (Em)magnetic field
And a (G)gypsy with a broken flag and (Bm)flashing ring
Said "(C)Son, this ain't a dream no more, it's the (Em)real thing"

Se-(Em)nor, se-(B)nor, you know their (C)hearts are hard as (G)leather
Give me a minute, let me get it to-(Em)gather
I gotta (D)pick myself up off the (C)floor
(Am) I'm ready when you are, se-(Em)nor

Se-(Em)nor, se-(B)nor, let's (C)overturn these (G)tables
And disconnect these (Em)cables
This (D)place don't make sense to me no (C)more
Can you (Am) tell me what we're waiting for, se-(Em)nor (B) (Em) ---
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