• Song:

    Train Travelin

  • Artist:

    Dierks Bentley

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Intro:  (Em)  (Em)  (Em)  (Em)  (Em)  (Em)  (Em)  (D)

Every(Em)time I hear the whistle whine
From a lonesome locomotive, comin down the (D) line
It (C) carries me mind away to another place in (Em) time.,
When (Am) train travelin across the land was the only way to (Em) fly (D),s

Am I a (Em) fool to think it glamorous
Box-Carring like a hobo, it must have been (D) rough
But a (C) simpler way of life is what it really means to (Em) me
When (Am) we weren't so dependent on money to be (D) free


 I hear you (C) train, are you (D) travelin my (Em) way
 Won't you (C) let me ride your rails right back to yester(D)day
 Who (C) knows what I could (D) see from (Em) that ole (D) time mach(C)ine
 But (Em) there you go ag(D)ain train (Em) travelin,
 (C) There you go ag(D)ain train (Em) travelin

I'm (Em) lying on a rotten wooden floor
Smell yesterday's whiskey here rattlin' at the (D) door
A (C) railroad man lookin' for me, I'm scared as I can (Em) be
I (Am) open my eyes and realize it's just another (D) dream

Repeat Chorus Twice

(C) There you go ag(D)ain train (Em) travelin

Fade out....
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