• Song:

    Going Up

  • Artist:

    Echo & The Bunnyman

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E5                           A5 
Ain't thou watching my film 
E5            A5 
Analyzing me 
E5                       A5 
Rusty chalk-dust walker 
E5                  A5 
Checking up to see 

G5                                A5 
If we should pull the plugs out 
G5                A5 
On all history 
And all the mystery, yeah 

Of things that shouldn't be 

Things that couldn't be, no 

Things that had to be 
Don't you see? 

Don't you see? 
It's going up, up, up 

It's going up         (2x) 
Let's get the hell out of here 

Let's get the hell out of here 

G5              E5 
Going up Going down 
by: Jos? Duarte 
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