• Song:

    Black And Blue

  • Artist:

    Edwin McCain

  • Album:

    Lost In America

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Black and Blue
Edwin McCain

Capo 2 

Chords (relative to Capo):

D:  x00232
Dsus:  x00230
G:  320033
A:  002220
Bm: 224432
F#m:  244222
E: 022100
E* (just the note - used in Intro): xxxx3x
D#* (just the note - used in Intro):  xxxx2x
A#* (just the note - used in Intro):  xxx2xx


D Dsus, D Dsus, D Dsus, (E*, D#*, A#* - just strike the note)

Verse 1:

G              D         A
Showed up in a sleeve of tattoos
G               D            A        Bm
High definition broadcast of attitude
F#m                       G
It's like she wants me to know
F#m                       G        E    G
she's got nothing left to lose, me too

D             G             A
Little bag of junk gets her high
G              D                   A            Bm
Keeps her from thinkin' 'bout the shadows in her mind
F#m       G
She likes me
F#m               G       E        G 
She knows I won't ask her why, she cries


D           Bm                 G
Let me fall down, you can fall to
               A                         D
We'll call this banged up black and blue
D           Bm                   G
Let me find out what happened to you
          A                   Bm    E
Waking up banged up black and blue

G                  D                      A
Sometimes it's the struggle that makes it good
G          D             A        Bm
I wouldn't judge ya even if I could
F#m                     G         F#m        G
There's no magic in the line this misunderstood
    D          G
You could, you would

Repeat Chorus
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