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This song goes out to all the Magsyota's and lover's lalo na mga Taga SLU-Baguio
city Philippines..enjoy

I Could Not Ask For More - Edwin McCain
Tabbed by: Walter Michael De la Cruz (Walterfdelacruz@yahoo.com)

Notes: I Really like this song (pamatay 2 lalo na sa mga Loverz out there)..i do not
know the real tablatures of this song
       but i assure you out there that the guitar chords is correct...
       so check it out...

Guide Chords:

G                      C9                 Bm            Am
   E|-----3-----|        |----3-----|       |----2----|     |----0----|
   B|-----3-----|        |----3-----|       |----3----|     |----1----|
   G|-----0-----|        |----0-----|       |----4----|     |----2----|
   D|-----0-----|        |----3-----|       |----4----|     |----2----|
   A|-----2-----|        |----2-----|       |----2----|     |----0----|
   E|-----3-----|        |----0-----|       |----X----|     |----0----|

          Em                  D
   E|-----0-----|        |----3-----|
   B|-----0-----|        |----2-----|
   G|-----0-----|        |----3-----|
   D|-----2-----|        |----------|
   A|-----2-----|        |----------|
   E|-----0-----|        |----------|

Original key is 1 key lower (F)

Inro: G

 G                      C9
 Lying here with  you,  listening to the  rain

 G                    C9
 Smiling just to see  the smile upon your  face

 Bm                      C9
 These are the  moments, I thank God that I'm alive

 Bm                      C9                           Am
 These are the moments,  I'll remember all my  life I found all I've  waited for

       C                     G
 And I could not ask for  more

 G                      C9
 Looking in your eyes,  Seeing all I  need

 G                       C9
 Everything you  are  is everything to  me

 Bm                    C9
 These are th moments, I know heaven must  exist

 Bm                     C9
 These are the moments, I know all I need is this

        Am                     C                      G
 I have all I've  waited for And I could not ask for  more

                         C9                                                   G
 I could not ask {C} for more than this time together I could not ask {G} for more than 
time with you

           C9                                  G
Every {C} prayer has been answered Every {G} dream I have has come true

               C9                       G                                  C9            
 And right {C} here in this moment is right {G} where I'm meant to be {C} Here with you 
with {Em} me ?

 D          C9                               G                C9
ohhh {D} These are the moment's {C} I thank God that I'm {G} alive {C}

                   D                                 G           Am                   C9
 These are the moment's {D}I'll remember all my {G} life I've got all I've {C} waited 
And I

could not ask for {G} more

Comments/ Suggestions: You can email me at Walterfdelacruz@yahoo.com.
                       You can also add me in your friendster or myspace..thanks
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