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The Kiss 
Edwin McCain


A:  002220
E:  022100
F#m:  244222
D:  x00232
C:  x32010
G:  320033
Bm: 224432

Verse 1:
On the six o'clock flight
It takes all my might
   F#m              D
To find the reasons why
I'm buckling in 
To leave you again
     F#m                   D
Then from the corner of my eye
        F#m              E
I see a perfect lipstick kiss
     D                 E
That can't be what it is
       F#m            E
On the outside of the plane
D                  E
Smack right on the payne


F#m          D
Through Rain clouds
F#m      E
Ups and downs
F#m           A          E
Even in this thin frozen air
F#m              D
The Kiss is still there
Bm          D
The Kiss is still there

Verse 2:
It wasn't an angel
Or a maintenence girl
Showing off for the crew
It's funny the way
Cause here in 5A
It feels like I'm with you

Play "A" in between 2nd chorus and bridge


C            G                        D
The lover in waiting leaves the light on
C              G                 D        E     F#m   D   F#m  D  E
And I hope you feel it when I am gone
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