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Verse 1: [ G Bm A A ] [ G Bm A Em-D/F# ]
Our God is with us
And we will not forget
That You're fighting for us
Who can stop the work of your hand

Verse 2:
We've seen redemption
At the heartbeat of our church
We've seen addictions
Broken in the hope of your love
Broken in the hope of your love

Chorus: [ A Bm - G D ]
We rejoice, we rejoice for You have come
Emmanuel, Emmanuel, our king has come

Verse 3:
You saw us running
But You wouldn't let us go
Cause You saw our story
Ending in the arms of Your son
We'll run into the arms of Your son
Turn Around: [ D A Bm - G D ]

Bridge: [ G D A B - D/F# ] [ G D A ]
We Sing, we shout
Cause in our city You have moved
Our God, You came to us
Chorus x2
Turn Around
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