• Song:

    Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow

  • Artist:

    Franz Ferdinand

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Hello Franzy people of the world. This is just how I play an accousticky version it with chords.


C                   Gm
Breeze blows from rooftops to trees 
Dm                   F
wonder in your imagination 
          (Dm)          C
wondering where she can be

Same as above:

it feels so cold as you go when you leave 
you're a dandelion blown on the breeze 
wondering where you could be

A wisp at the window
     Dm                   Am    Em   C
she whispers and into the air we fly 
    Dm   Em            Am    Em  C
so fly    oh dandelion fly
Am       Dm
yes it's time 
Em                  Am
it's time for you to fly

During that whole woaaah part:  Am Em F Dm X 2 and then hold Em until the guitar 
part starts like a verse almost: 
      Em             Dm
You watch them for hours 
      Am           Gm
from slates and clock towers
    F      C
the lives below
but your life is others
    Am                F   Gm   C
of lovers and mothers oh wooh wooh

Then there's this bit
breeze blows from rooftops to your destination
trapped in your imagination
she's all you can see              which is like a verse
black loch water you miss her
   Dm                 Am  Em   C
oh god how you miss her so
        Dm   Em          Am   Em  C  
hallam foe    oh dandelion blow
         Dm    Em        Am
yes it's time dandelion fly

Hope it's somewhat correct / useful / enjoyable haha

- Chlo ♥
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