• Song:

    Perfect World

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  • Album:

    Beyond Warped Live Musi...

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If I l[C]ived in a perfect world, I'd s[F]pend my days lying i[C]n the sun

The party never ends in a perfect [G]world

I[F]f you'r life has hit the skids, w[C]ave goodbye to the wife and kids

I'm [G]ready to move [F]into a perfect[C] world.

N[F]acho cheese and anarchy, b[C]oy that sure sounds good too me

Ev'[F]ry kind of drug is free in the [G]new America      [G-F#-]

S[F]hoot your pistol in the air, ce[C]lebrate a brand new year

L[G]iving leisur[F]ely in a perfec[C]t world.
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