• Song:

    Good For God

  • Artist:

    Harry Nilsson

  • Album:

    Duit On Mon Dei + Sandm...

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Good For God

    C           G7             C 
The other day a friend of mine said
             G7             C
He said that God's not even with us
             G7            C    C7
He said that God is really dead
C                 G7       C
He said old pal a facts a fact
            G7               C
You can't believe that magic act
          G7                 C
I said, I don't and that was that

          C    D   G 
Now I say Good for God, 
C    D   G
Good for God
   C                  B7
He goes and makes the planet blue
    Bb                A
And all the thanks he gets from you
   Ab                              C
Is look at all that poo poo in the yard

C    D   G
Good for God
  C               D             G
I bet His life up there is very hard
   C                  B7
He knows each time a spot will fall
    Bb             A
But who can answer all His calls
Ab       C
Good for God

Good for God
I bet He's got a very hard job
I'm awfully glad I'm here to say
He made it possible for me to stay
Here to say Good for God

Good for God, Good Lord
Good for God, Good God Almighty
Ain't got no mama
Ain't got no papa
Good for God

Now the other day another friend of mine said
He said, the sun is going yellow
And pretty soon we'd all be dead
I said, my friend what do you me-an
You must be living in a museum
And things are never as they see'em

Good for God
Good for God
Now if truth is truth
And its easier if you know the truth
And that's the truth so help me God
Good for God

Good for God
Good for God
He's got a hard job
Now before they put me in the hole
I pray to God I find a big loophole
Good for me & Good for God

Good for God
I bet he drove the little girls wild  ...

by: José Duarte
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