• Song:

    Good Old Desk

  • Artist:

    Harry Nilsson

  • Album:


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Good Old Desk  
E  A  E  A 
Em    Em+7  Em7      Em6   C7    B     E
Oowah Oowah ah ah ah-ah,   Oowah Oowah ah

E                   Abm              D                    C#
My old desk does an arabesque in the morning when I first arrive.
       A                     Ab
It’s a pleasure to see, it’s waiting there for me
           C#m      E  
to keep my hopes alive.

       A                        C                     
Such a comfort to know it’s got no place to go,
     E        C#    
It’s always there.
         A                     C                     
It’s the one thing I’ve got, a huge success,
My good old desk.

My old desk never needs a rest and I’ve never once heard it cry.
I’ve never seen it tease it’s always there to please me
From nine to five.

Such a comfort to know it’s dependable and slow,
But it’s always there.
It’s the one friend I’ve got, a giant of all times,
My good old desk.

Oowah Oowah ah ah ah-ah Oowah Oowah ah

My old desk isn’t picturesque, but it’s happy as a desk can be. 
We never say a word, 
but it’s perfectly alright with me.

For when my hearts feeling low, 
I just open the drawer of my favorite desk.
And what do I see?
But a picture of me working at my good old desk.

Oowah Oowah ah ah ah-ah Oowah Oowah ah

by: José Duarte
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