• Song:

    Four Becomes One

  • Artist:

    Hawthorne Heights

  • Album:


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This is their tribute song to Casey Calvert. I think this is right. Yeah, I 
really do...Hope you like it...=)

Verse 1:
G           D       Am      Em          F#m      G
  And you will live on. Our hearts will beat stronger.
   D            Am           Em          F#m          G
As we remain as one, we will last just a little while longer.
          D                  Am             G           Am         
And as we pull ourselves together, we can't help but be torn apart.
Em             D                Am         C
  And we will always have each other just like it was from the start.

G      D            Em        C            G
  When five becomes four, and four becomes one.
       D                 Em        C
You're not just passing on. You're passing on all the
D               Em                C
fun we had. You made us laugh. We only cried but once.
    D                Em                C
You made us laugh in photographs on display for everyone.

(Repeat the chords in 1st verse)

(Repeat the chords in the chorus)

 Em-C (2x)

(Repeat the chrods in the chorus)

Well, that's it...Have A Nice Day!!! =)
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