• Song:

    Speeding Up The Octaves Solo

  • Artist:

    Hawthorne Heights

Hey this is a solo Micah has been playing on tour on the song Speeding Up The Octaves. 
It is played on The Silence In Black And White CD but a little bit different. If you 
ever get a chance to see these guys, GO! They can fucking rock! I got this tabbed out 
at home by watching Micah at CBGB's on their new DVD "This Is Who We Are" And I was 
recently at their concert and saw Micah play it again the same way, which is how I 
got this tab confirmed, by the freaking man himself. 
Turn the volume way up and put the tone on 10 and blow your moms eardrums. 
If your parents scream at you to turn it the F**K down, you've succeed. 
And then turn it up a little more.  
p - Pull Off 
\ - Slide Down
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