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    Treat Me Well

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    X2 (Little Queen/Dog & ...

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Treat Me Well by Heart
From Little Queen
This song changes timing for the verse, going from 2/4 to 4/4 for the chorus.

Intro - 2x / verse beginning 1x before change:

         Well I have lost sometimes, but I have won
Dm (xx0231@1)               Dmmaj7
And if you make it through
                Dm7     Dm6You (xx0201@1)know youve just begun
Em (022000@1)               AmThe (x02210@1)winter cold is coming
Em (022000@1)                  BbThe (x1333x@1)fire will soon be burning

   C (x32010@1)               BbSo (x1333x@1)will you treat me well
          F (133211@1)      D (xx0232@1)      C(pick) (x32010@1)GOh, (320003@1)will you treat me well

Second verse lyrics, same progression from picking to strumming:

And I am asking, will you save a place for me
To rest beside your heart
And feel Im free
For what good does feeling strong do
When I am here without you

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Verse without lyrics
Repeat Chorus

I've been playing this for years, parts were shown to me by Nancy herself when I met her 
but memories do fade. Still, it sounds the same as I used to play it.  I might have the 
changes backwards, but I think I got it right - just don't bite my head off!
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