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    Jesus Christ Superstar

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[in 4/4, Bb]


  Bbm Bbm/Ab       Bbm/Gb Bbm/F
  I   only want to say

  Ebm      Ebm/Db  Ebm/C  Ebm/Bb
  If there is a (x02210@1)  way

  Ab (xx1114@1)      Absus  Ab (xx1114@1)Dbsus Db (x43121@1) Take this cup    a- (x02210@1)way   from me

      F (133211@1)     F+   F (133211@1)Bbmsus Bbm (x13321@1)         Gb (244322@1) For I don't want to taste  its poison -- feel it burn me

  Bbm/F           C7 (x32310@1)               F (133211@1)  F+ F7 (131241@1) F (133211@1) I have changed, I'm not as sure as when we started

  Bbm    Bbm/Ab   Bbm/Gb Bbm/F
  Then I was    inspired

  Ebm (xx4342@1)   Ebm/Db     Ebm/C Ebm/Bb
  Now I'm sad    and tired

  Ab (xx1114@1)    Absus  AbDbsus (xx1114@1)Db (x43121@1)     F (133211@1) F+  F (133211@1) Listen, sure - ly I've  exceeded expectations

  Bbmsus Bbm (x13321@1)              Gb (244322@1) Tried  for three years -- seems like thirty

  Bbm/F            F (133211@1)                 Bbm (x13321@1) Could you ask as much from any other man?


  Bbm Ab Gb F
  But if I  die

  Bbm (x13321@1)        Ab (xx1114@1)               Gb (244322@1)              F (133211@1) See the saga through and do the things you ask of me

  Bbm (x13321@1)             Ab (xx1114@1)             Gb (244322@1)             F (133211@1) Let them hate me, hit me, hurt me, nail me to their tree

  Bbm (x13321@1)                            Eb7 (x32310@4) I'd wanna know I'd wanna know my God   (x2)

  Bbm (x13321@1)                          Eb7 (x32310@4) I'd wanna see I'd wanna see my God     (x2)

  Bbm (x13321@1)name="chord_xx1114@1">Ab Gb (244322@1)   F (133211@1) Why I  should die

  Bbm (x13321@1)           Ab (xx1114@1)           Gb (244322@1)     F (133211@1) Would I be more noticed than I ever was before?

  Bbm (x13321@1)                 Ab (xx1114@1)          Gb (244322@1)       F (133211@1) Would the things I've said and done matter any more?

  Bbm (x13321@1)                                Eb7 (x32310@4) I'd have to know I'd have to know my Lord   (x2)

  Bbm (x13321@1)                              Eb7 (x32310@4) I'd have to see I'd have to see my Lord     (x2)

[key change to C]

  Cm (x3101x@1)                      F7 (131241@1) If I die what would be my reward?          (x2)

  Cm (x3101x@1)                                 F (133211@1) I'd have to know I'd have to know my Lord  (x2)

  Cm (x3101x@1)Bb (x1333x@1)   Ab (xx1114@1)name="chord_320003@1">G     Cm (x3101x@1)Bb (x1333x@1)   Ab (xx1114@1)name="chord_320003@1">G
  Why should I  die?  Why should I  die?

  Cm (x3101x@1)            Bb (x1333x@1)             Ab (xx1114@1)             G (320003@1) Can you show me now that I would not be killed in vain?

  Cm (x3101x@1)           Bb (x1333x@1)           Ab (xx1114@1)        G (320003@1) Show me just a little of your omnipresent brain

  Cm (x3101x@1)              Bb (x1333x@1)            Ab (xx1114@1)          G (320003@1) Show me there's a reason for your wanting me to die

         Cm (x3101x@1)            Bb (x1333x@1)              Ab (xx1114@1)          G (320003@1) You're far too keen on where and how and not so hot on why

[repeat Cm - Bb - Ab - G progression]

  Alright I'll die!  Just watch me die!

  See how I die!  See how I die!

[Instrumental orchestra break in 5/8 -- Cm Bbsus Ab G]
[Break last round at Ab - Tacet - return to initial tempo in Cm]

  Cm (x3101x@1)   Cm/Bb   Cm/Ab   Cm/G  Fm (133111@1)    Fm/Eb     Fm/D  Fm/C
  Then I was   inspired,       now I'm sad   and tired

  Bb (x1333x@1)  Bbsus      Ebsus     Eb (x43121@3)        G (320003@1)        G+  G (320003@1) After all,  I've tried for three years seems like ninety

  Cm (x3101x@1)          Ab (xx1114@1)             Cm/G
  Why then am I scared to finish what I started

  D7 (xx0212@1)     D7-9 (x5454x@1)     G (320003@1) What you started -- I didn't start it

  Cm (x3101x@1)     Cm/Bb    Cm/Ab Cm/G      Fm (133111@1)     Fm/Eb  Fm/Eb  Fm/D  Fm7/C
  God, thy will  is hard        but you hold every  card

  Bb (x1333x@1)   Bbsus      Ebsus  Eb (x43121@3) I will drink your cup of poison

  G (320003@1)     G+ G (320003@1)  Cm (x3101x@1)                Ab (xx1114@1) Nail me to your cross and break me, bleed me, beat me

  Cm/G               G7 (320001@1)  G+   G7 (320001@1)name="chord_3x301x@1">G7sus  G7 (320001@1)name="chord_xx1114@1">Ab    Fm (133111@1)G7sus (3x301x@1)Cm (x3101x@1) Kill me -- take me now before I  change my mind


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