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  C            G       C          G
I moved myself west to find a philosophy
   C          G          D
To learn my geography at best

Where the mountains are cold, the rain drops it's tears I'm told

Amongst the ashes a heart of gold, they say
             Em       C              D
I guess it's best to imagine it that way

So I bought me a book to teach me the ways of God

To open my tarnished heart from it

Started praising the Lord, speaking in tongues and code

I did repairs on my broken road back home

I guess it's better than being alone

And now to death: I'm dying
To love: I'm trying
   Em              C
To God: I'm lying again
And to my Ma: I've failed you
To my Pa: I blamed you
       Em          D           C
And to God: I have shamed you again


So I moved myself out, I pictured a better home

A lawn full of marigolds, I guess

I headed back east, started thinking my hope away

Depression was the one to stay since then

Now I take pills to push it from my head

Yes, I take pills to push it from my head


   Em          D           C
To God: I have shamed You again

To God: I have shamed You again
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