• Song:

    Brand New Day

  • Artist:

    Joshua Radin

  • Album:

    Simple Times

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Brand New Day - Joshua Radin

Tabbed by: Ook Tong
Email: oh_ok27@yahoo.com.au

Tuning: Capo 1st

Best to listen to the song to play that nice rhythm.

Intro: G, C2, G, C2, G, C, G, ('Open'? Look at the tab below), G

    G    C                             O

I've got no idea what to call the chord, so lets just call it 'O' :]

Verse #1:

G     C2     G   O   G
Some kind of magic
G       C2      D     C2
Happens late at night
G        C2     Em           C2
When the moon smiles down at me
G    C2                 G   O  G
And bathes me in it's light

Verse #2:
G      C2          G       
I fell asleep beneath you
G      C2             D     C2 
In the tall blades of grass
G      C2        Em       C2  
When I woke the world was new
G   C2          G      G    D/F#      Em
I never had to ask

Em     D          G
It's a brand new day
   D/F#      Em
The sun is shining
       D         G        D/F#     Em
it's a brand new day
        D         G
For the first time in
 D/F#   Em         C2
such a long long time
   Am     G    C2           G
I know,             I'll be ok

Interlude: (It's the same as the Intro)

Verse #3:
G    C2      G    O    G
Most kind of stories
G        C2            D       C2
Save the best part for last
G        C2             Em        C2 
And most stories have a hero who finds
G           C2        G 
You make it past your past
G                C2        G        G   D/F#   Em
Yeah you make it past your past


Interlude: (It's the same as the Intro)

Bm   C2          G
This cycle never ends
Bm        C2            G     
You gotta fall in order to mend


Outro: (It's the same as the Intro)

Hope you enjoy jamming to this AWESOME song! :D
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