Nicki Minaj:
You might think you've picked a scene, but you haven't
The real ones far to mean
The watered down one, the one you know
Was made up centuries ago
It made it sound all wack and corny
Yes, it's all full blasted boring
Twisted fiction, sick addiction
Well gather round children, zip it listen

F5                       A5           
 Can we get much higher,  so high     | 
    Bb5         C5                      x2
 oh oh ohh, oh oh ohhhh oh            | 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I fantasized about this back in Chicago
Mercy, mercy me, that Murcielago
That's me, the first year that I blow
How you say broke in Spanish? Me no hablo
Me drown sorrow in that Diablo
Me found bravery in my bravado
DJ's need to listen to the model's
You ain't got no fuckin' Yeezy in your Serrato?
Stupid, but what the fuck do I know?
I'm just a Chi-town nigga with a Nas flow
And my bitch in that new Phoebe Philo
So much head, I woke up to Sleepy Hollow


Look like a fat booty Celine Dion
Bb5              C5
Dsex is on fire, I'm the King of Leon-a
Lewis, beyond the truest
Bb5              C5
Hey, teacher, teacher, tell me how do you respond to students?
And refresh the page and restart the memory?
Bb5              C5
Respark the soul and rebuild the energy?
We stopped the ignorance, we killed the enemies
Bb5              C5
Sorry for the night demons still visit me
The plan was to drink until the pain over
Bb5                    C5
But what's worse, the pain or the hangover?
Fresh air, rolling down the window
Bb5              C5
Too many Urkels on your team , that's why your wins low
Don't make me pull the toys out, huh
Bb5                     C5
Don't make me pull the toys
And fire up the engines huh
Bb5                 C5   F5
And then they make noooise


At the mall there was a seance
just kids, no parents
then the sky filled with heron
(I saw the devil) In a Chrysler LeBaron
And the hell, it wouldn't spare us
(And the fires did declare us)
(But after that, took pills, kissed an heiress)
(And moved her back in Paris)


D5 C5 x8

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