• Song:

    Cold And Empty

  • Artist:

    Kid Rock

  • Album:

    Kid Rock

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Hey everybody; I've noticed there's absolutley NO information for Cold and Empty,
which is far and away the best song I think KR has done... so here you go.  These are
the chords, 100% accurate, for use on guitar or piano.  

KEEP IN MIND; the song is in the key of G.  On piano, the pattern at the beginning of
the song sets the mood.  Left hand plays G, then hits G, F#, E in rapid succession into
the Em chord.  Just so you know if you're trying to teach yourself the song on piano
(which is very easy).
            KJ Foxx
Cold and Empty (copyright Robert Ritchie)

Maybe I've been on the road too long...   ()
(E)                             (D)
Living my life out through these songs...
You know my in's and outs...
All of my fears and doubts
(D)                          (C)              (G)
It's the life I love but it's you I can't live without....

(verse pattern repeats)

chorus pattern

(Em)                                (D)
And this whole world seems cold and empty
(Em)                       (D)    
Someone please turn off the lights.....
(Em)                                    (D)
Please god if there's an angel you could send me
         (C)        (G)
I could use one here tonight...

<<< There's only two rhythmic patterns in the song so follow how the first verse and
first chorus go, and apply these chords to the rest of the song.  Sounds GREAT on
acoustic, and if you're with a bass player and a lead guitarist, sounds awesome on
piano.  Be sure to riff with your D chord, and listen to the recording for proper piano

           KJ Foxx.  Hope you like it!
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