• Song:

    One More Time Live

  • Artist:

    Kid Rock

Artist:	Kid Rock
Song:	One More Time (Live @ Stefan Raab's TV Total [German Television])

Tuning: Standard

Kid performed this nice cover version of David Allan Coe's "One More Time" on TV Total 
Stefan Raab
on german television. I didn't find some tabs so  I decided to tab it
It's very easy to play so her it is:

Note: 	When he plays the E-Chord, he sometimes puts his
	pinky on the B-String in 3rd fret.
	Just listen to the song to find it out...it's quite easy.

Here is the link to the song: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=aI3k4DjV8PA

E                   A                                      E
Hey girl before you go, please know how bad I'm gonna miss you

B                A             E
A good piece of ass is hard to find

A                      E                       A
  we both knew someday, that you go on your way

E                       B                 E
Baby I just...I like to fuck you one more time

E     A                  B             E
One more time, I like to set my pecker in you

   E                                          B  
...even if, it's just a quickie that I won't mind

                  E               A                 E
He---ell know...I want get your ne---ew white dress dirty

      E                     B                  E
Baby, But I just, I like to fuck you one more time

E                           B                 A
Yeah baby I just, I like to fuck you one more time

B             E     B  E
Baby one more time
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