• Song:

    Its A Nice World To Visit But Not To Live

  • Artist:

    Lee Hazlewood

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It?s A Nice World To Visit (But Not To Live)

G      F             C                G
It?s a nice world to visit but not to live in,
               C           G      
Same old thing from day to day
    F       C                          G
Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn?t just give in,
                 C       G          F                      C
Instead of goin? on this way, yeah, who wants to live this way?
Nobody wants to hear what you?ve got to say,
It?s a repeat of what they said yesterday
And if you talk about something new they?ll say you?re crazy,
And if you don?t work from nine to five you?re a no good lazy


Why can?t they leave my life alone
I think a little more about them all
(?) just do it
Let everydody find this thing and do it


by: Jos? Duarte
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