• Song:


  • Artist:

    Lee Hazlewood

  • Album:

    MGM Recordings (disc 1)

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C#          B                    C#
Young woman share your fire with me.
            Abm              C#
My heart is cold, my soul is free.
       F#               Ab  
I am a stranger in your land.
  F#        Ab           C#
A wandering man, call me sand.

C#        B            C#
Oh sir my fire is very small.
            Abm               C#
It will not warm thy heart at all.
             F#             Ab
But thee may take me by the hand.
F#      Ab                C#
Hold me and I'll call thee sand


At night when stars light up the sky.
Oh sir I dream my fire is high.
Oh taste these lips sir if you can.
Wandering man, I call thee sand.

Oh sir my fire is burning high.
If it should stop sir I would die.
A shooting star has crossed my land.
Wandering man.


by: José Duarte
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