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    Lee Hazlewood

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Intro: F#  Abm   Bbm  Abm (2X)

F#        Bb     Ebm   C#m            B      F#       
Mary is a lonely girl, all alone in a lonely world
C#m       F#       Abm    Bbm   Abm       
All alone with the yellow curls
F#              Bb      Ebm   C#m              B     F#       
Mary works from nine to five, often feels only half alive
    C#m           F# Abm   Bbm  Abm       
And often wonders if he’ll arive

F#            F           Bbm 
You’ve got to build up on all that’s good
F         Bbm        C#m 
Send away all that’s sad
          Ebm    Abm         Intro     
Make Mary laugh, make Mary laugh

Mary needs a friend tonight, someone who will finally say
Someone who won’t run away
Mary won’t give in to fear, she knows soon someone will appear
She’ll wait alone standing in the rear 


by: José Duarte
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