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    Sky Is Falling

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    Stanley Climbfall (No W...

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Sky is Falling *Acoustic*
Stanley Climbfall

It sounds pretty decent, pretty easy to play

Intro   D	D/C	D/B	Dsus2	*

Verse 1
        D	   D/C
        I watch as daylight crawls
	D/B			  Dsus2
	Past the shadows hanging on the wall
		D			   D/C
	It?s been a long time since I?ve felt the stain
	   D/B		      Dsus2
	Of yesterday getting in my way

        G	       D	    Am
	I?m alive but tell me am I free
			G	      C
	I got eyes but tell me can I see
		    G		A	D
	The sky is falling and no one knows
	G	     D		  Am
	It shouldn?t be hard to believe
			   G		 C
	Shouldn?t be this difficult to breathe
		    G		A	D
	The sky is falling and no one knows

Verse 2
         	      D			   D/C
        You leave me hanging on, only to catch my breath
	D/B		     Dsus2
	I got you and I got nothing left
	      D		     D/C
	Don?t leave me all alone down here
	D/B		     Dsus2
	With myself and all of my fear

Chorus then Bridge as show below No one, no one, no one knows
Bridge:	Am	C	A	E
	Am	C	A	E
      "No one, no one, no one knows"
       Am	E	C	G
	A 	D	G

Chorus:	I?m alive? (same as before)

Chords   	D	[x 0 0 2 3 2]
		D7 	[x 0 0 2 1 2] 
		D/B	[x 2 4 2 3 2] 
		Dsus2	[x 0 0 2 3 0] 
		G	[3 2 0 0 3 3]
		Am	[0 0 2 2 1 0]
		C	[0 3 0 2 1 0]
		A	[0 0 3 3 3 0]
		E	[0 2 2 1 0 0]
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