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From: ericb@julimar5.ecr.mu.oz.au (Enrico_Giuseppe BETTIO)

GOOD PAIN         - by +Live+
---------         from the album 'Mental Jewelry'

transcribed by me :-) ericb@ecr.mu.oz.au [ENRICO BETTIO]

to play along with the cd, tune down half a step first.

intro and riff 1

with riff 1:

He said, he said, he said
"There was nothing to fear boy"
and he said, he said, he said
"Worthless are your tears boy."

with riff 1:

"Just realize your senses
and realize your Earth
Just realize your essence first"

Dont you know now I..
	   G       Am
I'll never be the same again
F              G      Am
I.. I want to walk in the sun
F          G        Am
I.. I am alive and well again
No more bitter sweet
No more good pain

rhythm fig 1

||: Am      C       | Dm       C     :||

I have a preference for using root 6 barre chords and sliding my hand
up and down the neck

with rhythm fig 1

So many of us stand in the middle
Looking back to the worst
looking forward to the fall
making weapons of peace for the defence
of the bloodstains on our peaceful sidewalks

you say the buildings got too tall
and they're gonna fry you're brother
well i say you'd better walk away, walk away, walk away
	     | Am    C   | Dm    Dm    |
and find your mother

No more bitter-sweet
			rhythm fig 1
No more good pain

If I cant sing this song and tell you all about it
Then I'll just pack it up right now and walk away
Dont even doubt
So when our sherry glass is full
and the day is way to young
You'd better sip today, sip today, sip today before its done.

No more bitter-sweet
No no more good pain

	 Am         G         \
No more good pain___          |  X 2
	 Dm                   |
No more good pain, good pain../

back to rhythm fig 1
then the bridge:  Am   Dm   Am   Dm  etc..


If the intro tab is a bit of a stretch or you dont want to
tune down, you could just put a capo on the fourth fret

You would then play the intro the same way but one string deeper
and you would replace the chords this way:

F becomes C
G  ->     D
Am ->     Em
C  ->     G
Dm ->     Am

till later..
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