• Song:

    Cowboy Bebop - Blue

  • Artist:

    Misc Soundtrack

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Cowboy Bebop
  Tabbed by SJ (kirei_008@hotmail.com)

A very beautiful, kind of bittersweet song that 
is played during the credits of episode 26...

The song has kind of a unique structure for riffs:
its not the usual intro-verse-bridge-chorus-verse etc
but instead the chorus riff is repeated quite a few times in a row

----------- 	---------- 
----------- 	---------- 
----6--5-6- 	---------- 
-6--6--6-6- 	----6----- 
-6--4--3-4- 	-3--4--6-- 
-4--------- 	-1-----4-- 
 Ab C# C C# 	 F  Ab C#

------------  -------------
------------  ------------- 
------------  -6--8--6--8-- 
-6--5--3--2-  -6--8--6--8--
-6--5--3--2-  -4--6--4--6-- 
-4--3--1--0-  -------------  
 Ab G  F  E    C# Eb C# Eb
	[Note: for purposes of tab, the relative power chords 
	above are represented by the root note, rather than
	some crazy Gsus5 or the proper, 'politically correct'
	chord name for a power chord. music theory entusiasts
        bite me]

Intro: Ab C# C Ab

Verse: Ab C# ×2
       F C# Ab C# 

Chorus:  Ab G  F  E    
         Ab G  F  E  
         Ab G  F  E  	 
         C# Eb C# C

Interlude (about 3:40-something in)= Same riff as verse



Ab              C#        C C#
   Never seen a bluer sky

Ab		      C#         C C#
   Yeah I can feel it reaching out

           F        C#
and moving closer

                   Ab         C#
There's something 'bout blue


 Ab G  F  E    

  Ab G  F  E   Ab G  F  E 
Wanna be free, Gonna be free...

    C#                  Eb 
and move among the stars

              C#                C
You know they really aren't so far
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