• Song:

    Dawning Of The Day

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    Misc Traditional

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Tabbed by Jack Dingler

Dawning of the Day
(Tommy Makem Version)

[C]As I walked out one [G]morning [F]fair, it [C]being in the [G]month of [C]June
The [F]dew was sparkling [C]on the grass and the [Am]small birds [F]in full [G]tune
And [C]when returning [G]from a [F]walk, by the [C]fields I [F]chanced to [G]stray
It was [C]there I met my [G]heart's de-[F]light by the [C]dawning [G]of the [C]day

Her head and beautiful neck were bare and mantle none she wore
Her golden hair, in ringlets fair, it hung her shoulders o'er
Her rosy cheeks and ruby lips, they stole my heart away
And I stood to stare at that Venus fair at the dawning of the day

'Where are you going my pretty fair maid, where are you going so soon?'
'I'm going a milking my cow, kind sir, it being in the month of June
The pasture that my cow feeds on, it lies so far away
And I've got to be there each morning fair at the dawning of the day'

'Come sit you down, my pretty fair maid, supposing it was a mile
Come sit you down on this primrose bank and we will chat a while
With the lambs all sporting on every side and the meadows blooming gay
I'll pledge to you my heart and hand at the dawning of the day' 

'Oh no, kind sir' the maid replied, 'I cannot tarry now
My parents wait for my return from the milking of my cow
But perhaps we'll meet some other time, if you chance to pass this way'
She gently glided from my sight at the dawning of the day
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