• Song:

    Down By The Glenside

  • Artist:

    Misc Traditional

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                                 Down by the Glenside
                                                     CAPO  1/2 

          Em               Bm         Em         Bm
          T'was down by the Genside, I met an old woman
          Em               Bm         Em         Bm               
          A plucking young nettles She n'er saw me coming
            Em       C             A7           D7
          I listened awhile to the song she was humming
          Em       Bm             B7   C    D7 Em
          Glory-o, Glory-o to our bold Feninan Men

          When I was a young lad, their marching and drilling
          Awoke in the glenside sounds awesome and thrilling
          They loved dear old Ireland and to die they were willing
          Glory-o, Glory-o to our bold Fenian men

          Tis fifty long years since I saw the moon beaming
          On brave manly forms, on eyes with hope gleaming
          I see them again sure thru all my sad dreaming
          Glory-o, Glory-o to our bold fenian men

          Some died by the glenside, some died mid the stranger
          And wise men have told us, our cause was a failure
          But they loved poor old Ireland and never feared danger
          Glory-o, Glory-o to our bold Fenian men

          I passed on my way, God be praised that I met her,
          Be my life long or short, I will never forget her
          We may have had good men, But we'll never have better
          Glory-o, Glory-o, to our bold Fenian men
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