• Song:

    Lord I Lift Your Name On Hgh

  • Artist:

    Misc Traditional

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"lord i lift your name on high" this is a great song.

G       C               D    C
Lord i lift your nam on high

 G       C                 D     C
Lord i love to sing your praises

 G       C              D   C
I'm so glad your in my life

 G       C                D     C
I'm so glad you came to save me


 G             C          D
You came from heaven to earth

    C        G
To show the way

           C            D
From the earth to the cross

     C      G
My dept to pay

           C            D
From the cross to the grave

           Em          C
From the grave to the sky

          D              G
Lord, I lift your name on high

(repeat verse then chorus 2 more times)

the strum patterns prtty easy and he songs in 4/4 time so just u know just kinda figure it out. awright if 
have any questions just email me at epiphany077@aol.com
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