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    Little Man What Now

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Morrissey: Little Man, What Now? , from 'Viva Hate'.
Chords used
E -x221xx
F?- x332xx (don't know what this is called, some sort of F major 7 blah blah)
Am- xx221x

By the way, if there are any issues with formatting of where the chords appear on 
this page, I apologise in advance. However, I'm sure you can work them out, right?

E (022100@1)      	F?
An afternoon nostalgia
           ETelevision (022100@1) show
You spoke in silhouette
		          E(but (022100@1)they couldn't name you)
G (320003@1)        Cmaj7 (x32000@1) F?       EThough (022100@1)the panel were very polite to you
	F?	      EOh, (022100@1)but I remembered you
E (022100@1)F?
Friday nights, 1969
E..F? (022100@1)	EATV (022100@1)- you murdered every line
		Am/ F?
Too old to be achild (x02210@1)star		
EToo (022100@1)young to take leads
Four seasons passed
	EAnd (022100@1)they AXED you

GNervous (320003@1)juvenile
Cmaj7 (x32000@1)/ F?	EWhat (022100@1)became of you ?
Did that swift eclipse
	ETorture (022100@1)you ?
	AmA (x02210@1)star at eighteen
F?			EAnd (022100@1)then - suddenly gone
Down to a few lines
In the back page
	    EOf (022100@1)a faded annual
	F?		EOh, (022100@1)but I remembered you

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