Artist: New Amsterdams
Song: Make Me Change My Mind
Album: Never You Mind
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning

Chords used:
A: 002220
B: 2244--
D: 000232
G: 320033

Verse 1:
        D                           B
Don't expect so much at all if the test does beckon me
             D                                B
If I should fail if I should fall I will lose no stability
           G                  A
No not at all cause it's the best just not to try

Verse 2:
D                B 
Get away got no family but this
           D                         B         
And this little piece of heaven I am not about to risk
           G               A              D    A     G    A
What if I fall? What if I never make it home, home? Home...
          G                  A               D
That's a fear, that I can't bring myself to face

Verse 3:
          D                 B
So let it go Don't bring it up
          D                             B
Put more value on what you want to give up
           G                  A                 D
What if I fall? Nothing could make me change my mind
           A              G                 A
My travel scar And they break more broken hearts
              D                  A
When I was younger I'd have run away
       G               A             G         A
My dependence made me stay, now I'm tired and afraid
         D                             A
And the world at large a frightening place
          G            A               D
That's a fear I can't bring myself to face
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