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    A Sermon

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**I had this right exept for the right band name cause it looks like all the "the police" tabs are in just "police"
so I re-did this one. (revised 2-17-05)

Band: The Police

Song: A Sermon

Tabbed by Kostkaskater

This is pretty much the whole song on the guitar.

You play this pretty fast.

Go double tempo with the speed of the drums and listen to it more to get the speed down. 

 Main riff(lead)
G|---------------------------------------------|  >Play this throughout 
D|---------------------------------------------|  >the whole song except 
A|---------------------------------------------|  >the pauses

 Chorus-Palm Muted
G|---------------------------------------------|  >Go with the
D|-5-5-5-5--7-7-7-7----------------------------|  >beat of the 
A|-5-3-3-3--5-5-5-5----------------------------|  >Bass Drum's beat

I am a huge fan of the police so it didn’t take me long to make this tab.

Its sounds just right.  I modified it from the last one.

There is no guitar tab book for the police so I did this one myself.

And I will be doing more since there is nobody doing this band's tabs.


Any questions or comments e-mail me on chriskostka@cox.net
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