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Bittersweet Love

Intro: A  A7 Bm E
   A        A7                Bm        D  
It suddenly caught me and I'm doin' it again
Wonderin' why you and I can't be friends
       E       A             A7             Bm     D
Oh but then if you tried, it seems I'd have known when
But there ain't no more, you've shut the door, it's the end

     F#m         E             D            A 
Of a bittersweet love one that called us to play
           F#m        B7            E
But we had cryin' and sighin' every day
F#m         E            D            A 
Bittersweet love, how we fell to it's prey
                  F#m        B7                E
And you know that cryin' and sighin' ain't the way

Oh, baby, maybe someday we'll understand
Where the love we saw dreams and all fit in the plan


by: Jos? Duarte
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