• Song:

    A Discourse On Killing

  • Artist:

    Rocky Votolato

  • Album:

    Light and Sound - EP

			     A Discourse On Killing - Rocky Votolato
Tabbed by: Moo

Tuning: Half Step Down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

A	   Bm		D	  A
All of the healing will take some time
A	      C#m	   D	      Bm
We both have had psychotic men in our lives
Bm	     E 	    F#m	     E
And I know that you're right
Bm		E	      F#m	E
Deal with it forget sometimes I can't

     A		   Bm	       D	 A
So I wanna hit somebody with a baseball bat
A		    C#m		 D	     Bm
Break his fucking knees and take pleasure in it
Bm	     E	    F#m	   E
And I know it's not right
      Bm   E	     F#m   E
Would only hurt you and I

E F#m Bm F#m E

     A		    Bm		   D	       A
I'll pass the hours thinking about killing you both
     A		     C#m       D		Bm
When deep inside I know that I ought to be grateful
	Bm  E     F#m   E
For your evil example
    Bm		E	   F#m	
You taught me all I need to know
		   E	  A
About what I hate most
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