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The Man In Me

There's a man in me, he's cold and he's hard
He's got an eye for deception, he's always on guard
     D                     A
He's swimming in concrete, drowning in fear
And he keeps it all locked in his heart

This man is a tyrant, a fault finding hack
You can't tell him nothing, there's no turning back
          D                        A
He leaves blood on the highway and scattered debris
He crawls from the wreckage but he still doesn't see
     D      A          E
He's alive, the man is jive

There's a man in the mirror, I don't like his looks
His teeth they are crooked, his hands are like hooks
He speaks four letter language because his mind is so small
His voice is like venom, I don't like him at all
God, I gotta get away from the man in me

         A                              G
She says what are you afraid of there's no need to judge
    B                           E
You know I can help you but you won't even budge
       A                        G                      E
Pretty flowers surround you but all you can smell is a rat

She says Why do you insist on your head in the sand
Building walls all around you, you don't understand
These ways are outmoded but all you can change is your hat
   D                A                        E
The man in me don't wanna know nothing about that

There's a man in the closet, he wants to come out
He wants to be noticed but he's so filled with doubt
He wants to be well known and famous but he's so filled with pride
The keys to his fortune stay locked up inside
Can it be the man in me?

She says Now what are you afraid of, There's nothing to fear
You want me to help but you won't let me near
In your heart you can hear me but all you believe are your eyes

Tell me why you're convinced that a fist in your face
Is all you deserve from love you've misplaced
The truth is salvation but all you believe in are lies
The man in me wants to believe, but he won't even try

There's man in me and he's so full of hate
He's so misdirected, he thinks it's too late
Pours salt on the wounds only time wants to heal
He's dying inside and he don't wanna feel
Anything, the man is strange

by: Jos? Duarte
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