• Song:

    A Whole New World

  • Artist:

    Simple plan

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(just guitar) ITS A WHOLE NEW WORLD 
by: aginst all odds

 C#m                 A     E           Bm    
can you show me the world shin-ing so bright 
 C#m             A           
I feel like i'm just dreaming
 E                  Bm     
all you said to me let your heart de-cide
 C#m                A    E      Bm
and just open your eyes and you won-der
 C#m              A       
is it a whole new world (end of guitar solo)

 C#m       A          E           Bm 
no one to tell no and no where to go 
C#m                A           
and we're saying where only dreaming (go to chorus)

C#m              A     E           Bm 
Its a daz-zling place that I never new 
 C#m             A    E           Bm   
but now from my eyes its crys-tal clear 
C#m             A                         
i'm in a whole new world with you (chorus)

C#m          A     E              Bm          
unbeliveble sights i can't belive how it feels 
C#m           A      E          Bm      
its like i'm flying thought the skys
C#m           A                    
it feels like a whole new world (chorus)

C#m      A                 
hundred thousand things to see 
 E       Bm                   
i'm not going to close my eyes 
C#m            A             E         Bm
i feel like a shooting star i'v got so far
C#m           A                     
trying to get back where i came (chorus)
C#m      A
can you show me the world tonight 
E      Bm      
can we fly across the sky 
C#m              A               E         Bm
there will be a thrilling place for me and you 

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