• Song:

    Worst Day Ever

  • Artist:

    Simple plan

  • Album:

    MTV Hardrock Live CDDVD

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i am at school so i will just give you 
the chords so listen to the song 
for the rythym and place the chords over the correct words because they are all right

It's six am, the clock is ringing,
I need to spend and hour snoozing.
   A                   G    
I don't think I'm gonna make it.
I punch in I'm still sleeping,
Watch the clock but it's not moving.
   A                 G 
'Cuz everyday is neverending,
    F                   G  
I need to work, I'm always spending

    C                 A
And I feel like I'm living the worst day,
  C       G      F      G   F   G   
Over and over again.
   C               A 
I feel like the summer is leaving again.
   C                  G            F
And I fee like I'm living the worst day,
    C     A           D
It feels like you're gone and,
  F                 G
Everyday, is the worst day ever

Repeat this through this song
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