• Song:

    Me Against The World

  • Artist:

    Simple plan

  • Album:

    MTV Hardrock Live CDDVD

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Em                  G  
were not gonna be just a part of their game
     D                      A
were not gonna be just the victims
        Em                       G
Theyre takin our dreams and they tear them apart
     D              A
till everyones the same

Ive got no place to go
ive got nowhere to run
They'd love to watch me fall
They think they no it all

     Em             G  
Im a nightmare, a disaster
      D                 A
Thats what they always said
      Em                G        
I'm a lost cause, not a hero
         D             A
But i'll make it on my own
     Em              G -------
I'm gonna prove them wrong
    Em------------------ Em
Its me against the world

The rest of the song then carrys on using the same chords, listen to the CD for
strumming patterns. tuning is standard (EADGBe)

This isnt fantastic but it does work well, particularly for an acoustic and vocal
performance. this is my first tab and im only 14 so there are probably some mistakes. Please rate!
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