• Song:

    I Like Girls

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    In The Swing

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I Like Girls
Intro:  C                            E
      B |------------------------|      --------------------------|   
      G |------------------------|      -----------2--------------|
      D |-----------3------------|      -2--5-5-2----5-4-2-44-----|
      A |--3--6-6-3---6-5-3-5-5-—|(2X)  --------------------------|(2X)

C                           Am            F
No one is restricted, no one is tied down 
G                 C      G
But the Greece of old collapsed 'cause 
no one liked their girls 
C                                 Am            F
We won't have that problem, I'm doing my part 
G                   C          G
No one asked me but I'll still answer 

Dm             Em 
C               Em          Am   Em
I like girls, I like girls 
C               Em
I like girls, I like girls 

I sweat in the daytime, I don't sweat much at night 
No one asked me but I still answer 
"I like girls, I like girls" 
All those who are with me, let's all raise our hands high 
When they ask you, you'll surely answer 


Am             C            F          C       
Day of wedding preparation, you must decide 

Has your choice been made? 

Chorus +
     D              Bm
Yes, I like girls I like girls  (2X)

by: José Duarte
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