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    The Walker Brothers

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Dm               Gm 
Tomorrow will be Saturday
F                    Eb
You'll wake and find I've gone away
    Dm7           Cm          A 
But life goes on, you'll get along

Dm              Gm
How easy we can whisper lies
F              Eb
I've lied until I want to cry
    Dm7          Cm         A
The truth I fear won't disappear

D          G
Genevieve, love hangs on a string
D             G                  D
Pretty thing, love shines in the sky for you
C                       F 
I've tried to make your dreams come true
A                   Dm 
I've tried for you, Genevieve

Remember walks in summer rain
They've flown, but they'll return again
And someone new will walk with you

I guess I'll always be the same
A drifting man without a name
Once I loved too but that's all through

Chorus +:
Dm     Gm  
Genevieve, Genevieve

by: José Duarte
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