• Song:


  • Artist:

    The Walker Brothers

  • Album:

    The Singles+ (disc 2)

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Intro: Bbm9  Bbm (4X)

       Ab          Cm               C#                Eb       
No you didn’t even take the time to find out what was on my mind, 
Ab   Cm  C#  Eb       
    Ab            Cm            C#                    Eb       
And every hour of every day you watched our love just slip away 
Ab   Cm  C#  Ab       

You couldn’t be what you had to be 
You couldn’t give everything I need 
   Ab                Bbm7
Oh woman I know it’s gone 
   Ab               Bbm7
So woman I’m moving on

You saw me cry straight in your face, knowing you’d found another place 
And please don’t try another lie, the others never satisfied me 

Now you can do what you wanna do 
Run to him, I’ll be glad for you 
Oh woman I know it’s gone 
So woman I’m moving on 

Bb                              Ab
I hope you find out what you’re for 
Bb                          Ab
I wish you love and nothing more 
Bb                           Ab
But if in time I still might find 
                     Bb              Bbm7            
You running cross my mind I won’t be crying 

So woman I know it’s gone 
So woman I’m moving on

P.S.: This is, actually, a John Walker solo song.

by: José Duarte
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