• Song:

    Here Comes The Night

  • Artist:

    The Walker Brothers

  • Album:

    The Silver Collection

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Here Comes The Night 
G7                            C
Here comes the night, see the stars in the sky
             G7                            C
Shining high above, light of love, darling just you and I
      G7                          C
And a-here comes the night, how I thrill to your kiss
                G7                        C
Music fills the air everywhere, nights of magic and bliss

E                                                Am
Think of the moments, the hours and hours that we were apart
D                                                 G          G7 
Moments and hours that kept bringing showers of tears to my heart
Whoah, whoah, whoah, whoah

Here comes the night, like the others before
But tonight's divine, you are mine, once more

Think of the moments...

And a-here comes the night, like the others...

      G7                   C
And a-here, here comes the night!

by: José Duarte
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