• Song:

    Hoist That Rag

  • Artist:

    Tom Waits

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Great song by Tom Waits from the album "Real Gone." Key of Am, standard tuning. 

Guitar solo not included this time, sorry! I just wanted to correct a lot of 
simplified interpretations of the harmonies that don't do the real song justice.


Am, Dm, E7, Am, F, Dm, B7, E7

Verse 1:

Well I learned the trade from Piggy Noles,
           Am               Dm           E7          Am

and Sing Sing Tommy Shay, boys.
        F              Dm        B7      E7

God used me as a hammer, boys,
Am                  Dm  E7             Am

To beat his weary drum today.
      F           Dm     B7            E7


Hoist that rag.
                  Am        Dm      E7        Am

Hoist that rag.
                   Am       Dm      E7        Am

The entire song repeats this verse/chorus cycle, so that's it!
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