• Song:

    And If I Had You

  • Artist:

    Warren Zevon

  • Album:

    The First Sessions

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And If I Had You

E      A      Abm       Ammaj7
Though I have diamond’s bride
    E         A        C#m         B7
The light can light the dark hours that I’ve
E     A       Abm  Ammaj7
Spent here in solitude
E          A         C#m      B7
Who’d have thought I need somebody
E          C#m  
Like I do? I need you
E      B     C#m  B
And if I had you, babe
E  B          C#m     B
My whole life through babe
E      B     C#m  Abm
And if I had you maybe
F#m                 A6                     E B7
I’d feel better and I could forget all the loneliness
I have the stars above
What use of it without your love?
I can see beyond the night
Though they write my name in lights
I’m no one, I can’t go on


E               Ab7               C#m
Yes, I guess my life would be complete
         A                                Bsus4 B
I’d have everything I need, I know it’s true
Chorus 2 X
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