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    When You Wake Up Feeling Old

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When You Wake Up Feeling Old

by Wilco
From Summerteeth

Chords transcribed by Warren Owen ( wozza@altcountry.freeserve.co.uk )
If you like this then you might like my website, its at www.altcountry.freeserve.co.uk
and is called "The Alt-Country Tab Page".

[G]When you [C]wake up
[G]Feelin' [C]old
[G]At this [C]piano
[G]filled with [C]souls
[C]Some strange [Bm]purse
Stuffed [C]nervous with [Am]gold
[G]Can you [C]be where you want to [G]be

[G]Walk down [C]any street
[G]You can [C]find
[G]Look at [C]any clock
[G]Telling [C]time
[C]Sing some strange [Em]verse
[C]From some strange song of [Am]vines
[G]And you'll [C]be where you want to [G]be

[Em]I know I [Am]can't sing
[G]'Til she [Am]brings the song to [Em]life
[Am]And I blend with kings
[A7]We'D never change A [G]thing

[G]Who knows [C]anything
[G]I don't [C]know
[G]There are so [C]many things
[G]I must leave [C]alone
[C]Some strange [Bm]person
Is [C]calling you their [Am]home

[G]Can you [C]be where you want to [G]be { slow to fade}
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