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Standard Tune - No Capo

The [SOLO] section seems to start in A and work its way down the fret board

   E5                      G5        E5

   E5                      G5        E5
Well I must have walked for fourteen days
   E5                      G5        E5
All that I could carry and I made my way
   E5                      G5     D5
To the new holy land not a grand parade
   E5                         G5    E5
Snuck across the border to the U.S.A.

  E5                           G5       E5
Didn't take too long for me to find some work
   E5                               G5     E5
Just stood there waitin round in the Texas dirt
   E5                           G5       D5
And now I lay concrete the way I did back home
   E5               G5        E5
From 6 am until the light is gone

   E5                               G5      E5
Then it's back to the hotel drink a case of beer
   E5                      G5      E5
One for every person that's livin' here
   E5                    G5     D5
Four dollars an hour but nobody moans
   E5                                   G5      E5
Cause it's three fifty more than we can get back home

   E5                             G5        E5
Then I send the money back down to my sweet wife
   E5                        G5         E5
So she can tell my children 'bout a better life
   E5                      G5      D5  
Papa's tryin hard just to make it fine
   E5                      G5      E5
Fifty miles north of that illegal line


 E5                           G5      E5
Late one night they came in through the door
 E5                           G5        E5
With guns and lights screamin' get on the floor
   E5                             G5       D5
They cuffed us up tight and hauled us all away
   E5                             G5         E5
Couldn't hardly understand a single word they'd say

   E5                  G5        E5
Early next mornin' judge drug us in
   E5                        G5        E5
He stared us all down just like guilty men
   E5                           G5      D5
He said any of you boys got a thing to say?
   E5                              G5        E5
I asked him what would he do if he was in my place

   E5                                 G5        E5
He said there's rules boy and this just aint the way
   E5                                   G5        E5
And I said sometimes a starvin' family just can't wait
   E5                            G5        D5
But he slammed down his gavel now I'm doin time
   E5                     G5        E5
Fifty miles north of that illegal line
   E5                     G5        E5
Fifty miles north of that illegal line-eeeeee

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