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  • Artist:

    Yonder Mountain String Band

  • Album:

    Town By Town

Tabbed by AJ C.
Idaho by Yonder Mountain String Band
Key G Major

This is the most requested song they do. Beautiful number about a western 
state "filled with fish" as dave likes to say. Quite simple and here it is:

Intro riff:
a | ---0-2 | 
E | -3---- |  into C  D to >

g | --------------------0- | 
d | --------------0h2p0--- |  (bluegrass lick is often used in the key of G)
a | --------0h1h2--------- | 
E | -0--2-3--------------- |  into G

G5      C5
F5   C5 x3

From Stanley up to Sunbeam
from Clayton on to Chalice
F5                C5
Heading down the Salmon river
F5    C5
To a rangeland palace
F5    C5          D5
Sage brush all around

Verse 2:
Where the deer and elk do roam
This place I may call home
F5                   C5
Where the flatlands stretch for miles
F5                 C5
And the mountains touch the sky
F5       C5          D5
And the sun always shines

      E5   C5      D5
In Idaho,  ohh ho ohh  x3
In Idaho

(jam factory)

Verse 3:
My mind is filled with images
Of saw-tooth bridges
Where the snow melt forms
Cold mountain creeks
Flowin' through the valley down below

Verse 4:
I was standing 'neath the pine trees
On a bed of wild grass
This place has captured me, well far I can see
There ain't no place I'd rather be.


Finish with the Intro Riff and you're done
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