• Song:

    Keep On Going

  • Artist:

    Yonder Mountain String Band

  • Album:

    Mountain Tracks Vol.1

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YMSB-Keep On Going

Song structure:

Chorus/Verse/Chorus, (YMSB usually puts a jam or multiple song sandwich right here)/Verse/Chorus

A5                   D5                      E5                  A5 
Gonna take my time before I pick the next way I?ll go along too?
A5                   D5                      E5                      A5
Gonna take me time before I find the next heart I?ll give my soul to
D5                  E5   G5                                    A5
But if time runs out, I swear I?ll find a way to keep on going?

A5                              D5            E5                 A5
Up on the corner of life, Im standin, just standin, kinda doin nothing
Bydin my time
A5                               D5             E5                A5
I'm standin, seein, the world float by my eyes its almost blindin
I should feel privileged                                        
G5                       D5              E5                       A5
But my feet are on the ground, but my mind is ten miles high
G5                  D5                       E5         
And I dont seem to see, all the this and back and forth thats goin on in 
front of me

repeat sequence

It's a fun song to play.  They of course throw a lot of technical picking in with 
the chords. Listen to the song and you can get the progression.

"Music is my religion"
Jimi Hendrix
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