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Am - Em - Dm
Life is like a puzzle things fall into place, 
I love everyone I meet and every single face
So fascinated by this. Fascinated by this.
We start off learning to walk and then we learn how to talk
And when we go to school we find ourselves looking at the clock
and inside we know someday there will be more to this.
You've got a fine way of getting inside my mind
You see I find myself thinking about you every night and day.
What matters to us is that we've got love thats enough.
Looking at the galaxy theres alot to see
Like when I look into your eyes I can see the stars they meet.
Twinkling Back at me.

Dm - C
I have been thinking about you now.
Your glowing smile I cant do without.
Our love will always remain.
And the sun will shine after the rain.

After the rain the sun it will shine.
Everything will be fine and your beautiful mind can align with mine
TO find the perfect rhyme at the perfect time as it feels fine.
I saw a chance arise when you came into my life
Your perfect smile and your beautiful eyes were enough to make
me realize theres a plan behind this life.
Your out there spreading your word
Your getting heard nothings stopping you from being 1 with the world.
Your world it will unfirl while you hurl your words across
the world wearing you pearls.
I'll spin you into a swirl and twist you in a twirl.
Then I'll know for sure I've found the girl I've been looking for.
Let the rhythm rock let the beat drop.
Lets dance all night no need to stop.
Grab your flip flops and let your head bop to the top.


So why not start singing from your soul
It never gets old watch it all unfold now.
This moment is flawless like a vacation at home.
Like a rolling stone.
So give a dog a bone.
Lets go far from the shore where we'll surely sleep well.
Heaven or hell I wanna go to heaven with you as well
Lets sail into the blue.
Where there is love.
They say that all we're looking for is love
and the best way to find it is to be it.

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